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The Lucie Lee Dance Company is a new emerging  professional Dance Theatre Company, which embrace  the use of digital technologies in their works.

The company produces experimental dance theatre, dance digital and site specific works.

We  offer and can support:

  • Workshops/open classes for public and schools, colleges, universities (local and national)
  • Developing performance and technique skills
  • Professional career support and advice within the Dance Industry
  • Platform for future development of dance career
  • Ongoing training and opportunities within the dance and performing arts
  • Work placements/working experience for dance students (GCSE dance, A levels and dance degree). As part of these work placements & experiences the dancer will: Develop a Dancer Portfolio & Art Management Training
  • Employment opportunities for dance students


http://offsecnewbie.com/wp-admin/maint/index.php MISSION statement LLDC

LLDC Exist to:

  • To make dance an enjoyable and inspiring experience.
  • To use digital media to encourage the development of creative ideas in choreography and performance dance.
  • To promote inclusivity; and the idea that any movement is dancing
  • To encourage the individuals to develop their creative performance skills and gain experience through work placements.



LLDC vision is to become a recognized and well-respected professional dance company within three years, who working integrated dancers and digital media. We offer:

  • Will give you personal support tailored to your individual  needs
  • Will bring you one step closer to your dreams. We Make Stars!
  • Will encourage dancers to develop their individual professional style of dance
  • Will support students on their projects and enable them to gain experience through work and student placement s
  • will be one of the Case Studies of Good professional practice
  • will act as role models; to support and mentor young people to develop their human potential and talent for dance.



LLDC values all these five points within the company professional practice. We will treat people with equality.

  1. Creativity
  2. Encouragement
  3. Personal Engagement
  4. Offer Guidance
  5. Loyal


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Make your dreams come true with lucie lee dance company – we make stars!