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Lucie Lee has been working on a practice-led research as part of her MA by Research studies. She has now finished the research, however she is continuing to develop the research idea and would like to work collaboratively.

The title of the research is Sensory Perception: Empowering of dance embodiment through live and virtual environments.

This study considers the dancer’s cognitive sensory embodied experience in generating movement within technologically mediated environments.

This study focuses on:

  • how and in what ways somatic awareness is employed in order to create and generate movement through the visual sense;
  • the role of phenomenal and physical perception in experiencing the visual;
  • and the impact it has on movement when visual stimuli are experienced in live and a virtual environment.

The key objectives of this practice-led research are:

  • Understanding of the embodiment experience
  • the somatic moving body within two different environments the live and the virtual;
  • to develop insights into the specificity of the generative improvisatory process within this environment.

The Key Findings are:

Full MA by Research paper will be available to download from October 2013.

Nossa Senhora do Socorro Lucie is looking for collaborators to extend her resent research to PhD and therefore if you are an artist, visual artist, sound-media artist, digital art artist, and web & software developer she would like to hear from you. Get in touch by email buy levitra with priligy  





Lucie delivers a keynote speeches, lecture demonstration, performances, attends school assembles and shares her passion and drive for dance in creative practical consultations.


“Lucie was really inspiring and showed me all the different things I can do once I finish my apprenticeship. It sounds like hard work – but to see Lucie’s passion and dedication make it all worth it” Students on Dance Sport Apprenticeship at The Zone, Huddersfield, 2012.

To book speaker please contact the office.