‘Lost’ (RnD 2018)

Funded by Arts Council England Project Grants and David Mackenzie – Stantz is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund’; supported by Kala Sangam, The Lawrence Batley Theatre, CAST Doncaster and Mind the Gap.

This is an interdisciplinary experimental work exploring which explores the human conditions when going through difficult times, which might effected a persons mental health, alter theirs long term memories and emotions and in most extreme cases even lead to suicide.

It will be achieved through use of dance theatre and aerial technique with silk combined with visual imagery, projection mapping, live music, sensory scent, and innovative set design to create an immersive environment to offer a unique theatrical experience for audiences and to tap into their emotions and expectations of the overall performance.

Open sharing performances were at CAST Doncaster, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield and Kala Sangam, Bradford.

‘Moving Memories’ (RnD 2017)

Movement transmediated to solid form through the use of digital technologies.

This is an interdisciplinary experimental work exploring the principles and notion of ‘immersion’, which demonstrate commitment to a process and material. The theme is exploring human emotions of Tension and the affects on the body using dance theatre, motion tracking, sensory scent, projections of visual images; and 3D printed sculpture.

‘Connected’ (2016 reworked of Sensory Connections 2013)

Connected explores the relationship between the physical and virtual body. The notion of ‘interactivity’ is explored through use of improvisational technique with use of live capture and manipulation of visual images.

‘Pathology Inner-Self’ (working title) 2015-2016

Please read review about our work written by Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe

They self-express, self-confine and sometimes separate from the others. Through the personal inner trauma they analyze, brake up and reassemble and create an abstract puzzle of self. They have ability to mentalize and present behavior in a mental and physical state. They is representing ‘Us’, ’You’ and ‘Me’.

Pathology of Inner-Self

Pathology of the Inner-self is our new solo work that uses dance and digital technology to explore the concept of depression and anxiety. It explores the concept of our ‘inner-self’ and how trauma can cause us to break up this picture, reassemble it and then create an abstract puzzle of the ‘self’.

This research and development project is funded by Grants for Arts and is supported by
Theatre in the Mill, Mind the Gap and IOU.

Performance date Friday 12th February 2016 at 7.30pm Halifax

(Venue to be confirmed in December).

Hidden Beauty (2011) and Legacy of Hidden Beauty (2012-2013)

Bandundu Hidden Beauty

Sylvania ‘An interactive live installation and performance, involving dance, visual art, sculpture, photography and multimedia.’

Legacy of Hidden Beauty offers a unique interactive live performance with multimedia, connecting the spectator in response to the universal theme of identity and sense of self and place.  The aim is to engage and inspire children and teachers as well as anyone with an interest in the arts.

The dancers use contact dance techniques to engage the audience with the space and environment and make everyone aware that beauty is all around us, only sometimes it is hidden from us …

Hidden Beauty performance is transferable performance which can be performed indoor and outdoor space and each time it takes new shape and add a new dimension to the performance itself. The dancers connect with the space, in which they perform. The development of the piece leads to a site specific works.

Hidden Beauty performance is accompanied with the video projection, which gives new experience for the spectator.  The film is projected onto the wall and the dancer’s body and therefore creates whole new meaning for the performance itself.

Hidden Beauty’ is a project concerned with the environment around us and its natural beauty. LLDC collaborated with Justify Move Dance Academy in 2011 on this project. This was a collaborative project between artists and galleries in Yorkshire. Full detail project outline and blocks can be found on

Past Productions

’24 Lines’ 2008

‘Psyche’ 2006

Psyche 2006

Solo Work

‘The Flow’ 2009

The Flow 2009

This dynamic abstract solo is exploring ‘Motion’ of a movement and its relationship to the space in a playful way influenced and inspired by the River Holme, which runs through Holmfirth Village as well as by the local ducks.  It is full of spiral and gestural movements, constant change of tempo and directions.

Comments from audiences: Lucie received overwhelming respond from locals, visiting audiences and passing visitors, after the performance. They felt that Lucie made them to stop and enjoyed the atmosphere, also made them to relax and it was something unusual which they never seen, that Holmfirth is the place to be!!!

Lucie Lee      Lucie Lee      Lucie Lee

‘Migration and all that Jazz’ 2006

‘Mother’ 2003

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