Workshops at Bradford College

Cluain Meala Lucie has delivered 3 workshops with A level and Access to HE Art and Design students at Bradford College in October 2017. This workshop has been design around the company’s work ‘Moving Memories’ which using the interdisciplinary approach using dance theatre, digital technologies and visual arts.

buy provigil in canada These workshops were part of serious of live drawing sessions for students at Bradford College Bradford School of Art.

Live Drawing sessions were in 2D & 3D using Kinect and Processing 3 software with reference to traditional cut & paste technique with reference to Henri Matisse, as well as reference to Edgar Degas and his drawing techniques capturing dancers motion.

Amanda Spawforth the course leader has commented: “These sessions were valuable for both groups of students and gave them an amazing insight into collaborative practice. Many students commented on how much they enjoyed the process and the freedom the more expressionist approach gave them to creating work. They also were interested in the connection between dance and art and design as before working alongside Lucie it was something they had never experienced or even considered”.

Thank you to Amanda for having us and well done to all talented students.

Link to video: (this session was first session based on Edgar Degas drawing techniques-dancers:

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