Dance Digital and Mindfulness workshop

provigil to buy We had fantastic day delivering dance digital and mindfulness workshop to BA Hons Dance Practice Degree students Music and Performing Arts at University Centre Doncaster at Cast as part of the #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. This is part of our new RnD project called ‘LOST’ which explores the human conditions when going through difficult times, which might effected a persons mental health, alter theirs long term memories and emotions and in most extreme cases even lead to suicide. LOST is funded by Arts Council England PRS Foundation“David Mackenzie – Stantz is supported by PRS Foundation’s #TheOpenFund.

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Students feedback:

‘I enjoyed listening about the story behind the piece’

‘The phrase Lucie taught us, I thought it flowed very well and was enjoyable to learn and create to.’

‘It was interesting to look at a simple object in a different way and using objects to create movement phrases.’

‘The underlying theory and theme behind the piece interests me with the brain and the interaction of vitamins and hormones and how it can effect the mental state’.

‘The creative task was my favourite part as their was no boundaries as to what we could or could not do with the orange. It was a very free task which I could relate to very easily.’

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